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White Lily Flowers - 10g

Botanical name: Nymphaea ampla
Folk names: Apepe, lolha’ (Mayan ‘flower of the water’), sol de agua (‘sun of the water’), Water Lily, 

Deities: Egyptian & some Oriental Deities

As a tea, liqueur or smoke, White Lily is said to have sedating, dreamy and even psychoactive effects for some.


Used as offerings on your Altar, or in herbal loose incense blends as well as in herbal teas or liqueurs. 

Most commonly used to enhance or induce lucid dreaming, meditation, astral and shamanic journeys.


Tea – Use 1 tsp per cup, steep 10 minutes, drink as desired.  

Liqueur – Soak 5-10 g in a bottle of vodka (or other spirits), macerate (let soak, shaking occasionally) for up to 2 weeks (but effects can be felt after even 1-2 days!)

Ritual Smoking Herb – Smoke on its own or in a blend with other herbs.



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