Lammas - Also known as Lughnasadh, is celebrated early February (Southern Hemisphere) generally on or about the 2nd.

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It is a time of Celebrating the first harvest of wheats, crops and homegrown foods. To give thanks for that which we asked for on the Summer Solstice as now it is ready to be received.

The (Wicca) Goddess makes her transition from Mother to Crone at this time.

A wonderful time to bond with animals, cast spells for abundance, connectedness, career goals and aspirations, financial gain and good health as these are all appropriate at this time.

Meditations, particularly during Sunrise as well as grounding exercises. Sun rays collected during meditation can be used in spell casting - or you may like to gather some Sun Water.

Traditionally we bake a loaf of bread using the first grains harvested. You may like to bake a loaf of bread, make cakes or damper for the nights' feast.

Lammas Correspondences - Southern Hemisphere Pagans Witchcraft Lylliths Emporium Australia

Harvesting herbs, creating charms and building a fire as a team are all activities of Lammas. Some witches play games of spear tossing, fencing/sword play, martial arts, chariot racing, handfastings, dancing around the fire or corn doll which are all traditional and appropriate activities.

If you have young daughters, perhaps you'd like to help them make flower crowns to wear for the Celebrations.

Sharing bread is the most important activity of Lammas, so perhaps a Cob loaf or Damper or pull apart type breads would be ideal for most people, as family members can pull off their own piece from the main loaf.


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