Summer Solstice ~ Litha

Summer Solstice ~ Litha

Today the sun shines for the longest of all days this year, it is Summer Solstice and we honor and celebrate the Sun God (or the Horned God) and his almighty power and strength.

Litha (Midsummers Eve) is the time of year when the Sun God is at his most powerful, we give thanks for all that we have received throughout the year and are yet to receive in the new year.

Summer Solstice is the perfect time for drying herbs for magickal uses throughout the coming year, make Sage and Mugwort bundles for smudging and of course, to feast with family & friends.

When decorating your Altar or Sacred Space for Litha, it is traditional to use a yellow, gold, orange or red altar cloth and candles, fresh and brightly coloured flowers & fruits, a statue or symbol to represent the Sun God (or Horned God) and anything else you feel should be there such as crystals like Carnelian, Citrine and Obsidian.

Litha family altar Summer Solstice 2016

In our home we place Ra, the Egyptian God above our Altar. Being an eclectic family of witches, we each follow a few different paths so we like to mix things up a bit to incorporate each others Gods and Goddesses.

Today we will spend some time outdoors in the Sun, charge those crystals which prefer the sunlight to the glow of the moon. We will feast on Summery foods and perform our own individual rituals as well as a family one together tonight.

Nature is at it's strongest, back in the day people would leap over the bonfire to ensure a good crop. Unfortunately these days and with soaring temperatures and drought stricken lands we may be unable to have bonfires or out door fires.

In Australia, the Sturt Desert Pea is the sacred flower of Litha. We celebrate the Sun Gods' ascendance where he is at his most powerful as the Goddess brings forward the bounty of the Earth.

Here are the correspondences of Summer Solstice:

Litha correspondences Summer Solstice pagan australia

What do you all have planned for Litha? If you're short on time, just simply taking a moment out of your day to sit in the Sun and give thanks to the Gods is all you need, the Gods are not fussy and don't expect much from those who can't give (yes, some of them are a little "fancier" than others but as a general rule you don't need to do bit fancy rituals if you can't)


Lyllith Xx

[Article Image Source: Litha Wreath by Rowan Duxbury - Altar - our own family Altar]

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