Moonstone (Rainbow) tumbled

Lylliths' Emporium


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Rainbow Moonstone is a beautiful crystal with subtle rainbows. It is highly attuned to the Moon and may need to be removed or covered at a Full Moon for some as it enhances emotions and can cause confusion and a feeling of being on an emotional roller coaster.

Dubbed the "Stone of new beginnings" Rainbow Moonstone promotes intuition and empathy, it encourages lucid dreaming and is at its' most powerful on a full moon.

Traditionally, Rainbow Moonstone has been used to enhance psychic abilities and to help develop clairvoyance.

Rainbow Moonstone helps calm over emotions and is wonderful for those who tend to overreact to situations, it is a stone filled with receptive, passive and feminine energy balancing the male-female energies making it a wonderful stone for men who want or need to get in touch with their feminine side - perfect for the over macho man or aggressive female.

Rainbow Moonstone is greatly tuned to the female reproductive system and helps with PMS and other menstruation issues. It can help tune a womans' cycle to be more in synch and regular. It is also helpful for calming overactive children.

In healing, Rainbow Moonstone helps the digestive system, reproductive system, relieves fluid retention, is often used to treat PMS, help strengthen other contraceptions, used to smooth pregnancy, childbirth and breast-feeding issues. Rainbow Moonstone is also used in an elixir for insomnia and is said to prevent sleep-walking.