Morganite - raw, small X grade

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Morganite (also known as Pink Beryl) helps open and lift the Heart Chakra.

It is said to attract love and maintain it, Morganite encourages loving thoughts and actions to help you enjoy life and living.

Calming, helps reduce stress and anxiety and also helps heal the nervous system.

Morganite is often used to help recognize escape routes, closed-mindedness of the self and in others, egotisim which blocks spiritual advancement. 

A powerful stone with a generous energy, Morganite also helps you recognize the needs of the soul as well as emotional needs, unexpressed feelings, dissolving resistance to healing and transformation.

In Healing, Morganite is helpful for stress related issues, oxygenates cells and reorganizes them, has been used to help treat TB, asthma, heart problems and disease, emphysema, vertigo, impotence and any lung issues.

The Golden hues in Morganite is often known as the Seers' Stone (Golden Beryl), it enhances magic, rituals and scrying.