Moss Agate - tumbled stones

Lylliths' Emporium


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Moss Agate is a wonderful stabilizing stone which is extremely connected to nature, it is said to refresh the soul and enable you to see the beauty in everything you behold.

Moss Agate is extremely useful for those in landscaping, farming, agricultural or other gardening professions or hobbies as it is helpful in reducing sensitivity to weather and environmental pollutions and helps provide insight and deep knowledge and understanding of the land and plants.

Traditionally, Moss Agate has been used for Centuries as a midwife stone, helping lessen pain of childbirth and ensuring a safe delivery of babies, a stone of new life and beginnings, Moss Agate is wonderful to have on hand in a delivery room.

Moss Agate is a stone of dual purpose, it helps those who are intellectual and practical access their emotions and intuition and also helps those who are emotional and intuitive channel their energy in practical ways.

A stone of abundance, Moss Agate is often kept in the money corner of the home or in the cash box in business.

When used in healing, Moss Agate speeds recovery and is useful for assisting long-term illness, it boosts the immune system, eliminates depression, prevents hypoglycemia and dehydration, helps treat infection, colds and flu, lowers fevers, is an anti-inflammatory and can be used to treat skin conditions and infections.