Shattuckite - small and medium

Lylliths' Emporium


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Shattuckite is a highly spiritual stone which heightens vibrations, stimulates the Third Eye and Throat Chakras and brings them into alignment and harmony.

Generally recommended for experienced crystal workers only, Shattuckite is most commonly used by mediums during channeling as it protects the medium, ensuring that the Entity does not take over the physical body. It reaches high vibration to ensure that only the purest source is contacted.

Shattuckite brings psychic vision and assists you to understand and communicate what is seen, it is said to be able to remove hypnotic command, clear past live curses and commands to secrecy.

A wonderful stone for those wishing to practice the art of automatic writing, telepathy and communicating with Extraterrestrials.

In healing, Shattuckite is used for many minor heath issues, by bringing the body back into balance gently. As an elixir it is used to treat tonsilitis and increases the clotting properties of the blood.

Available in two sizes as shown - apologies for dark photos