What to Expect ~ Paranormal Investigation (Part One)

What to Expect ~ Paranormal Investigation (Part One)

The other night, we finally got around to watching the movie “The Conjuring” and it got us thinking.  In the movie, there’s a scene where Ed & Lorraine Warren (the paranormal investigators) enter the haunted house for the first time and while watching this and the following few scenes we got an insight as to how we may come across when we ourselves investigate our clients’ homes in real life.

So after watching the movie we both saw from the clients’ perspective, how it all happens and I thought I would write an entry on what to expect, what we need from you and a general guide of what happens.

Now let me just start off by saying, actual human possession like in this movie along with many others, is extremely rare. While it may be fairly common for an energy or Entity to attach itself to a person, family, animal, home or object this is quite different to an actual possession.  We have been fortunate enough to not have dealt with an actual possession to date.

When we visit a home (or office) to investigate an issue, disturbance or possible haunting we will need to take a look around, we need to see each room if possible meet each resident including children and pets and this can often be a little invasive to our clients as we often open cupboards and closed doors – this is not us snooping around, majority of the time we don’t notice material objects such as clothing or anything else physical we are not there to look through your personal things we are there to tune into the Spiritual plane and see, feel, hear and sense what is causing you and your family the problems which prompted you to contact us in the first place.

The other thing we will often need to do is talk to each person involved, anyone who has seen things, heard or felt anything that seemed odd or made them uncomfortable. This often includes children as they are quite sensitive and open to the other realms and spirits and energies will usually try to contact them as they are so open. You as their parent are of course welcome to be present while we speak to your children, I generally talk to the children as they are usually more comfortable speaking with a woman, sometimes we will do it together or if Saige is with us she is extremely helpful when other children are involved as she is on their level and they can talk while playing.

Scene from the movie The Conjuring - Paranormal Investigations

(Above image: scene from the movie The Conjuring, where the paranormal investigators discuss their findings and options with the clients)

If you have pets, we will check them for attachments and communicate with them also. Pets are often a great way to find out what is going on, which areas of the home the energy “likes” etc. So if you notice your pet doesn’t like certain areas of the home or often growls, barks or hisses as a specific spot – please let us know.

Probably the most important aspect of an investigation is for you to be completely honest with us, if we ask questions it is because it may be related to your case and we need to gather as much information as we can to decide which way to go about dealing with it. If you have played around with an Ouijia Board let us know, if you have attempted spells or rituals without knowing what you’re doing let us know, if you’ve noticed things happening since purchasing an antique item let us know. The more we know and the more honest you are the better things will work out, the faster we can help you and the chances of something being missed heavily reduced. We have seen, heard and dealt with a lot more than you could imagine, nothing can scare us, nothing will freak us out and we don’t judge you. People make mistakes all the time, none of us are perfect, but if you think it may help don’t hold it back.

An initial investigation may take anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours depending on what is actually going on, what kind of energies are present and how well we can all communicate the issues.

Adam and I will then discuss a few options, offer some advice on things you can do yourself and if we feel that you may require our services to move the energies along we will offer you a quote. If your home is a little more involved we may only be able to provide a general estimate until we have time to look further into your case, which involves investigation on the home in the physical world (searching for any records of deaths etc. in the home etc.) as well as speaking with our spirit guides to see what is required. Once we have established a “plan” we will contact you with a brief outline of what needs to be done and an official quote.

More often than not, initial investigations reveal something simple which can be dealt with on the spot and no further service fees will be required. The reason we do charge a service fee for House Clearings is for several factors including – our time, travel expenses, our energy (it can take a lot out of us energetically at times), professional advice, and probably the most important factor, the level of risk involved to ourselves and our own family. If you do have energy or entity attachments these can quite often try to follow us or cause problems for us as well. Just like in the movie, they know what we are doing and they don’t like it!

Ghost Busters - movieAnother note I'd like to add is that we don't use any special equipment, purely our own Intuition, mediumship abilities, and direct contact with the other realm/s. We do plan on investing in some recording equipment in the future though this will purely be for our own records and as something to help in certain cases. So don't be expecting some fancy contraption from Ghost Busters with us :P

 No matter what is happening, what you’ve seen or heard or felt, if you are worried about it or it scares a family member please contact us if you can’t afford to pay for our services we can try to work something out but never, ever try to get rid of it yourself!


Lyllith & Adam Xx

I plan to write a part 2 to this entry, which will be based more on what happens during a house clearing or entity removal including a couple of our actual cases as reference (names will be changed for privacy) - Stay tuned!

Main Image Source: http://www.livescience.com/images/i/000/017/787/i02/ghost-stairs-110705.jpg?1309898997 

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