What to Expect ~ Paranormal Investigations (Part Two): What are we dealing with?

What to Expect ~ Paranormal Investigations (Part Two): What are we dealing with?

I was going to jump straight into what we actually do and what you can expect as a general guide to a Spiritual house Clearing, but I feel as though I should explain what we deal with first as its’ own article, so here goes….

Firstly, I’ll explain the differences between ghosts, spirits, energies and entities. Most people assume that all energies are ghosts, the truth is that there are as many human spirits as there are other species from different dimensions, realms and even planets. Here is will only be explaining a few of the most common energies we deal with on a regular basis.

A Ghost is a human spirit or soul, one which previously lived and died on Earth as a human. Many times the ghosts that haunt homes are family members, ancestors or people who had lived in the home itself previously. Most of the time human spirits are not there to hurt us, they are either there to keep an eye on us, check in on us to see how we’re doing or because they are lost and can’t find their way to the otherworld.

Freddy Jackson ghost photograph

[Pictured right: the photograph of Freddy Jackson, WW1 - believed to be the face of Freddy Jackson, an air mechanic who had been accidentally killed by an airplane propeller two days earlier. Members of the squadron easily recognized the face as Jackson's. It has been suggested that Jackson, unaware of his death, decided to show up for the group photo.]

Spirits are similar to ghosts, they are not always in “human form”, these can include animal spirits, some human-like spirits and ghosts, tree spirits and other forms of previously living souls or spirits – Spirits can be a tricky subject as we are all technically a spirit or soul living inside our human shells at present, so a Spirit doesn’t technically need to be deceased, it is also living.

Orbs are new spirits or “young spirits”, they can be human spirits or other forms of energies but are generally “fresh” new spirits can be loved ones who passed many years ago as time in the otherworld is different to that here in the physical realm. Many of us have taken photographs with orbs appearing in them, these are harmless energies who are curious or just want to see how things are going and are nothing to worry about. Please note however, that not all “orbs” in photographs are an actual Orb – as Paranormal Investigators it is our duty to find a logical explanation of things first where plausible and Orbs in particular are one of the most commonly mis-interpreted things we come across. Many photos people show us with “Orbs” are actually just dust particles or smudges on the camera lense, we feel bad discrediting such images, but we feel it’s best to be honest!

Energies cover a broad range of not only spirits, ghosts and other forms of energy. Everything is, was and will be made up of an energy force. Energies may be light or dark, good or bad, positive or negative. The most common way people feel or sense an Energy present, is when you have that feeling that someone is watching you, or you feel that there is someone or something there but can’t always see it. Energies can make us feel happy and safe or on the other end of the scale, Energies may make us feel psychically sick, scared or emotional.  Negative Energies will feed off human emotion, particularly fear and sadness, this can often cause illness and “bad luck”.

An Entity is of the supernatural world, it was never human and can also be good or bad. Most Entities that we have dealt with have been negative forces and these are the ones which may try to cause harm to the living. We have also experienced positive Entities who are here to help. Again these can be difficult to work out which side they are on as some strong forces may not be “evil” but may feel as though they are dark and heavy, while some of the evil Entities may trick the living into thinking they are there to help when they have other plans in mind. Entities may also feed on human emotion and life force and are the hardest to deal with.

shadow person - drawing


[This sketch of a shadow ghost/person is something we deal with quite often. Not to be confused with shadows and spirits appearing as shadows, these are quite different.]



Along with these mentioned energies, spirits, ghosts and Entities there is a whole range of other “creatures” and forces. There are far too many to discuss here in this particular article, but I will do my best to write about them over time.

The other types of things we often deal with are Portals. Portals are doorways which connect our world of the living here on Earth to other dimensions, realms and the Otherworld.

Portals themselves are generally not an issue, however what comes through them may cause problems for the people living near them. Every Portal has a Portal Master, their job is to open and close the doorway between worlds and help the energies in and out as they like. Some Portal Masters are friendly, easy to deal with and co-operate when asked though some are like the Trolls under the bridge in Fairy Tales and can be quite stubborn making the shifting of the Portal difficult to achieve without the help of some Higher Source powers.

energy portal - artists impression[Image sourced from the Internet - depicting what an Energy Portal may look like, the ones we have seen are quite similar to this image hence my including this here]

In most cases we have worked on, Portals have appeared in closets, back-yards and even bathrooms. Remember when you were a child, were you ever worried about or scared of the closest at night? Chances are you had a Portal inside and were feeling, sensing and perhaps even seeing the energies coming out through your closet! We often suggest to our clients to ensure closet doors are kept closed as it helps deter the Portal Master from staying as it can be harder for some energies to pass through a closed door – at least this is what seems to be the case.

These are all just the most common energies we work with, some cases may include more dangerous energies and malicious spirits, we’ve experienced cases with goblins, dog-like creatures, aliens, dark faeries and even spirits which have posed as the clients’ own spirit guides or family members. It truly is a strange and interesting Universe, and we are only living on one small Planet, in one dimension and one realm – there is much more going on around us that most people don’t even notice!

Please note that the above descriptions are how we ourselves interpret these energies based on our own experiences and information gathered from investigations. We do not claim to know everything about everything and enjoy what we do, as well as learning constantly as new cases are taken on.


Lyllith Xx


Coming up in Part 3: What Happens in a Spiritual Clearing? I'll do my best to describe what we actually do, each case is entirely different so it will be a very basic and general guide for those who are considering our services. 

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