What to Expect ~ Paranormal Investigations Part Three: What Happens in a Spiritual Clearing?

What to Expect ~ Paranormal Investigations Part Three: What Happens in a Spiritual Clearing?

In this article I’ll be explaining what generally happens when we perform a Spiritual Clearing or House Clearing

Generally most cases are quite simple, they usually involve a small number of energies usually human spirits or an “easy to deal with” supernatural energy that was never alive on this planet or plane as a human being. Many also involve a small Portal which needs to be shifted to another level so as to not interfere with the people living in the home.

We always begin with an Initial Investigation, (see Part One of this series). This enables us to determine what is present, what it may be causing and how to deal with it. Rarely will we need to deal with something immediately but it does happen.

When we arrive for a House Clearing, we will do another quick check just as we did in the Initial Investigation, this to make sure the energies, spirits etc. first discovered in the home are still present, it also helps us tune into their energy, the energy of the home and connect to the levels we need to work on. When we first arrive, most of the time these energies will know what we are there to do and may react either with interest and disbelief (often laughing at us) or get angry and aggressive.

Usually, we will light a candle in the kitchen as this is the heart of the home. This helps us with a couple of things, firstly to see how many spirits are present and secondly as we generally light a black candle it helps absorb the smaller lesser energies so we can focus on the main issues and energies which need to be dealt with.We will then explain what needs to be done, if we haven’t already when discussing  your quote. Depending on the situation, we may ask you to stay in a specific room of the home or to take your family outside until we have done our work.  Each case is completely different and even the best prepared plans can be thrown out at any stage!

Palo SantoWe may also give each occupant a quick smudge with white sage, Palo Santo or our blend of herbal incense and depending on the case we may place shields around each person and animal, give them protective items such as crystals or herbs or symbols etc.

We often do a smudging with White Sage or Palo Santo at the beginning, this helps reduce the number of energies we need to clear out and calms the remaining energies (usually... it can do the opposite)

As each case is so different there is no real general guide as such, but we generally use a special incense blend of herbs & resins to smoke the house, we may chant ring bells or cymbals, create a circle and perform a ritual, call in Deities (Gods, Goddesses etc.) Or we may be silent as we communicate with the Spirits telepathically. We most likely seem quite odd to our clients who are present and we do apologize for the “weirdness”.

Handmade incense - Lylliths EmporiumIt is not like the movies, your family won’t be thrown against walls or tied to chairs while we throw holy water on them reading bible verses or speaking Latin. It is extremely rare that an actual possession takes place and most cases will only take an hour or so. So basically, while you can expect a lot of smoke most of the time, we will do our best to explain what we intend on doing but it may not end up being as simple – or as complicated as first thought.

Items and tools we use often include, incense, candles, crystals, crystal balls, tarot cards, dowsing rods, cymbals, holy or blessed water, salt, protective symbols, chants, spirit guides and intuition – we may use other tools if required, we have used paper and pens in some cases to help communicate with the ghosts of children and pretty objects to help them feel safe.

Spiritual Clearing Tools

Human spirits need to be able to trust us during a clearing, as we need to help them move on if they are stuck. This can be challenging at times, though generally they know we are there to help them and work with us enabling us to help them easily and fairly quickly. It may sound odd but sometimes the non human spirits are easier to deal with!

I hope this helps or makes some sense, I’ll write about some of our actual cases shortly and add to them in the future. The main purpose of this article (and the previous parts of this mini-series), is to let you know that you’re not crazy, supernatural experiences are real and can be dealt with correctly.

We are here to help you, this is what we do and love doing it’s a huge part of our own Spiritual Journeys in this lifetime and we are always learning and growing as we go along!

If you think we may be able to help you please don’t be scared or embarrassed to contact us, nothing is too far-fetched or “out there”.  

While we do charge a service fee for what we do, if you can’t afford it or even a partial amount please still contact us if you are having troubles it’s not all about the money for us and we will do our best to help anyone we can.


Lyllith Xx

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