Charging Your Crystals

Charging Your Crystals

How to CHARGE your crystals (after cleansing them)

Charging crystals is different to cleansing them, charging them means you are giving them an energy boost, like switching on their "on" switch.

The most common way to charge crystals is to leave them out in the moon light, full moon works best and is often regarded as the only time to charge them - this like many other things is not true, you can charge your crystals anytime You can actually use the moon phases for crystal spells as well but I'll leave that one for another day (remind me!)

Earthing crystals in the ground not only cleanses them, but it also charges them as well so you could simply bury them for a day or night and do both at once if you like.

Crystal grids can be created to charge certain crystals, as can crystal generators. This is a very broad subject (gridding) but basically you need to listen to the crystals themselves, or your intuition in order to know how to lay them out. For a crystal charging grid generally you will place the chargers around the one you wish to charge and they would "face" it sending their energy to it. Grids can be a little tricky, you could possibly over charge a crystal or drain the chargers by accident so this is not a way I would recommend unless you are confident with grids.

You can charge your crystals using your own positive energy. To do this you simply hold your crystal in your right hand (or left if left-handed) and focus your energy down through your arm and into the crystal. You can also use tools such as a wand or Athame to charge them the same way.

Some crystals prefer to charge in the Sun light rather than the moon, crystals such as Citrine, Shungite, Malachite and Tiger Eye like to be charged in the sun. To do this you leave them out in the sunlight for a few hours, I like to place them on a clear quartz cluster in a sunny spot

And some crystals can actually charge others, just like Carnelian and Kyanite cleanse them, stones and crystals such as Apophyllite, Clear Quartz, Amethyst and of course the ever helpful Carnelian. Clusters do tend to work best when using them to charge other crystals as well as Generators.


Photo Credits:

  • Saiges' crystal grid she created to charge her crystal ball "Winter"
  • Full Moon, found via Google search (have had this for a while sorry I can't remember where from)
  • Generator - One of the stunning Lemon Quartz Generators we have available.
  • Main image found on Pinterest
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