Cutting the Cords ~ An Easy Ritual

Cutting the Cords ~ An Easy Ritual
This is something I suggest to do regularly, it is also something I strongly advise for those who have recently left a relationship, are having trouble moving on from a relationship or those (particularly women) who wish to cut the ties from previous sexual partners and "reclaim" themselves....
Cord Cutting (my quick and easy version)
Some of you may have heard of this term before, it's another really easy little ritual to do and is great for those who need to let go of the past, cut negative people out of their lives etc.
As always, your intention is extremely important, if you aren't truly ready to cut the cords from people or places this isn't going to work and you'll need to keep repeating it until you are ready.
Visualize "cords" going from your own body out to everyone you know, places you've been and life events. Now don't freak out, those who are meant to stay in your life will, your memories will not leave you this is just like giving your self and your life a little Spring Clean.
Next, visualize yourself holding a sword, I like to see mine as a sword of lightning or fire - whatever works for you ;)
You're going to swing your sword all around yourself, in every direction and cut through each and every single cord. You can do the actions if you like, or just visualize it if you can.
Once you're satisfied that all the cords have been cut and are no longer attached to your body, you should feel a sense of freedom, or being light. This means you've done it!
As I mentioned earlier, those in your life like partners, children, family and friends etc. will stay in your life so don't freak out. If you prefer, you can imagine only those cords which you need to cut, one at a time if it's easier for you or you really need to focus on one in particular.
You don't need to say anything, but if you want to, something along the lines of "I cut these cords and break all ties with ___"
Hope this helps!
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