Using Amulets for Protection

Using Amulets for Protection

One of my favourite forms of protection is the use of Amulets, which I generally bless or charge for protection.

An amulet can be anything thProtection Rune Amuletat is important to you, or holds meaning, is symbolic or relevant to your intention. It can be something as simple as a pebble found, or as a special as your Great-Grandmothers' jewellery.

Once cleansed, wiped down and dried, you can charm or bless your amulet by infusing it with your intentions.Whatever you decide to use as your protection amulet, you will first want to cleanse it. Depending on the material of your chosen amulet, you can wash it under running water (natural water is best if possible, such as a creek, river or the ocean but not necessary), you could place it on a dish of salt, purifying herbs such as rosemary, white sage or bay leaves etc. or bury it in the ground for a few hours or overnight.

You don't need a fancy ritual to do this, in fact if you need it urgently and don't have time an amulet can be charged and ready to use immediately - though I do suggest cleansing first if you can.

To charm/charge or bless an amulet:

  • Hold your amulet in your hands, close your eyes and ask it to protect you. If you wish, call upon your guides, Universal powers or Deities etc. and ask them to help infuse your amulet for protection. 
  • Visualize your amulet glowing with a protective light, usually white, bright blue, silver or gold.
  • Gently blow onto your amulet to infuse your energy into it.

You can repeat the cleansing and blessing whenever you feel the need, if it feels "heavy" or seems to have stopped working, change colour or feels "off". Amulets should be cleansed fairly regularly, especially if you are using it or wearing it often.

~ Lyllith Xx

P.S You can also charm your pets' collars or ID tags etc. And keychains or nametag on your kids' school bags or clothing.

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